KGI Questioning Over iPhone SE 2 Rumors That Apple Might Not Have Enough Of Resources For Another New iPhone

According to KGI's Ming-Chi Kuo, who frequently shares research notes about Apple's supply chain in Asia, cast doubt on the iPhone SE 2 rumors, he believes Apple doesn't have enough spare development resources to focus on launching another iPhone. 

Given that three new models already in the pipeline, including a second-generation iPhone X, a larger 6.5-inch version dubbed iPhone X Plus, and a lower-priced 6.1-inch LCD iPhone with Face ID but lacks 3D Touch, he claims that Apple may have used up its development resources, plus it can cause shipment delay for these new models, so the company unlikely to launch iPhone SE 2 in 2Q 2018.

The announcement of three new iPhone models in the same quarter in the second half of 2017 was the first time Apple made such a major endeavor, and we believe the delay of iPhone X, which had the most complicated design yet, shows that Apple doesn't have enough resources available for development.

With three new models in the pipeline for the second half of 2018, we believe Apple may have used up its development resources. Also, we think the firm will do all it can to avoid repeating the mistake of a shipment delay for the three.

Otherwise, Kuo predicts the device would likely have a faster processor to run iOS 12 more smoothly but with a lower price. Sadly, KGI don't expected that iPhone SE 2 would feature any form factor change, full-screen design, 3D sensing features, or even wireless charging.

Rumors for iPhone SE 2 first seen by us in the summer of 2017, when the report says a new model would come this year with an A10 chip. The most recent one published by DigiTimes has confirmed Apple is working on an iPhone SE successor with wireless charging, could be launch in the second quarter and ship in May or June of 2018.

Via MacRumors And 9to5Mac, Image Credit Apple

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