Microsoft Introduces Office for Mac 16 To Users Along W/ Feature Like Real-Time Collaborative Editing

Microsoft has announced a major update to Office for Mac, with the company updating the software to version 16 and introducing new features for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, as well as Outlook.

First of all, for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, Microsoft introduced real-time collaborative editing, that allowing multiple people to working on the same document at the same time. Users will now see a thumbnail in the upper-right corner of the apps when they’re working with someone else on a shared document.

Furthermore, Changes to documents, worksheets, and presentations stored in the cloud will be saved automatically, and updates will be synced in seconds. A version history will let you roll back to earlier versions of a document if necessary, while you can also see the updates others make instantly.

Each app is also adding its own specific new features. Excel, for instance, are gaining new chart types, additional functions, much improved support for PivotTable charts, and multi-threaded calculation for faster formula updating when values are changed.

PowerPoint now includes a QuickStarter function that helps you create an outline of your content with suggested speaking topics and more. PowerPoint also includes basic video editing tools, allowing you to trim the beginning and end of video clips.

Outlook, Microsoft's email app starts to supporting Google Calendar and Contacts. There’s also more seamless archiving and deleting, allowing you to swipe across your trackpad to delete or archive a message.

With today’s update, Word makes it easy to access sites and groups. But overall, this's a massive update to Microsoft’s entire suite of applications. Full details on what's new in Office for Mac can be found in the release notes shared on Microsoft's Office 2016 for Mac support site.

Via MacRumors And 9to5Mac, Image Credit MR

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