Screenshots From Internal Testers Reveal HomePod Setup Process And Setting Controls

Since the HomePod now has finally received a official approval from the FCC, and to given iOS impending 11.2.5’s launch later this week, further more details about the device have continued to trickle out, as first screenshots from iGeneration revealed the setup process for the wireless speaker.

These images visualized the HomePod setup process and reveal some of the settings you’ll be able to adjust through the Home app on an iPhone or iPad. Unlike an Apple Watch, the HomePod will not have a standalone management app, this made a think of it more like a HomeKit accessory.

Some of the more rudimentary settings include the ability to turn on and off HomePod’s LED touch surface, press to speak to Siri, and toggle Siri sound effects, which suggesting HomePod will be highly configurable, with granular settings for speed of voice, pressure sensitivity, and more.

While HomePod will probably support multiple user accounts, and will allow the device to differentiate between a primary voice, only the person whose Apple ID is associated with the speaker will be able to send messages through Siri, although everyone would have the ability to control music.

First announced back to last June, HomePod, was the smart speaker that powered by Siri, aiming to compete with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. It was supposed to be released for everyone in December, but for certain reasons, Apple delayed the product into earlier this year, and now supplier Inventec is said to be now shipping first million units to Apple, soon the accessory will be enter in the market.

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