US DOJ And SEC Launches An Investigation Over Apple Slows Down Older iPhones

The U.S. government is investigating whether or not if Apple has broke federal laws with a software update last year that throttled older iPhones. The investigating said to led by the U.S Department of Justice and the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission, according to a Bloomberg report.

Specifically, the DoJ and the SEC are aiming to determine whether Apple violated security laws "concerning its disclosures" when they launched an iOS 10.2.1 update which throttled some older iPhones with degraded batteries in order to prevent from unexpected device shutdowns.

At this point, the government has only requested information from Apple, according to the source familiar with the matter, and added that the probe is private, and since it’s still in its early stages, it’s too soon to tell whether the DoJ and SEC will come down on Apple for anything.

In addition to the new SEC and DOJ probe, more than two dozen class action lawsuits have been filed against Apple both in the US and around the world, including China, Italy, South Korea, France, and more! Currently, DOJ, SEC, and Apple are declined to comment it.

The admission followed the discovery of power management feature implemented into iOS 10.2.1 that wasn't explained until benchmark testing revealed older iPhones with degraded batteries were being deliberately slowed down. The company has since apologized to users with the discount battery replacement program and a trotting switch in upcoming iOS 11.3 update.

Via MacRumors And 9to5Mac, Image Credit iDrop News

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