Apple Is In Developing Of Its Custom Chips For Mac, Plans To Switch From Intel Chips By 2020

According to a new report by Bloomberg that says Apple working on creating custom chips for its Macs, and planning to transition from Intel chips to its own custom made Mac chips within next two years or so.

Codenamed "Kalamata", the project reportedly is still in the "early developmental stages", and is part of an effort which to make Macs, iPhones, and iPads work "more similarly and seamlessly together. We all know that Apple already designs its own A-series chips found in iPhones and iPads, like the A11 chip.

Image Via TNW
The shift would also allow Cupertino, California-based Apple to more quickly bring new features to all of its products and differentiate them from the competition. Using its own main chips would make Apple the only major PC maker to use its own processors. Dell Technologies Inc., HP Inc., Lenovo Group Ltd., and Asustek Computer Inc. use Intel chips.

By using its own chips, Apple would be able to more tightly integrate new hardware and software, potentially resulting in systems with better battery life -- similar to iPads, which use Apple chips.

It totally make sense that the in-house processors will help Apple offer a smooth hardware and software experience, as the company has been working on the cross-platform software solution allowing developers to write apps that can run on both macOS and iOS.

It won't be long enough for Apple to adopt their own Mac chips into the Mac lineups, as the Cupertino tech-giant already used its custom designed T1 and T2 chips on the MacBook Pro and iMac Pro. The custom chips will also be used in the upcoming Mac Pro, which could be released later this year.

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