How To Creating Text Shortcuts On Your Mac To Type Faster

It will be super convenient to you if there's a way that when you type small snippets of text and expand into larger strings of text for easily composing emails, writing documents or reports, and more. Indeed, macOS included the features that should make your life easier, and here is how to use it!
  1. Spotlight search for "System Preferences", or click the icon on the dock
  2. Click on Keyboard, then navigate to the Text tab
  3. Once you are in there, it will show up a list which says Replace and With
  4. Type the shortcut on the Replace area, then enter the full-length text in the With column
  5. And that's it

Once these shortcuts are set up, the next time when you type a shortcut into apps such as Notes or Mail, it will automatically expand into the full words or phrase. It's worth to mention here that although there aren't limit on how many texts you can insert it, we recommend you don't use common words, otherwise you'll likely use them when you don't plan to.

In addition to inserting words or phrase, you can also enter an address, names, phone numbers, web URLs to improve your work productivity. This can be one of the most time-saving features of macOS, and you can set up on iOS devices by going to Settings -> KeyBoard -> Text Replacement.

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