How To Quickly Dismisses A Call On Your Apple Watch With The Palm Trick

When you received a call at an inopportune time — or forgot to silence our iPhone in a crowded space. Other than letting it continue to ring and jingle your wrist, you can use the handy palm trick to instantly silence and dismiss the call, the tip will definitely make these situations slightly less embarrassing. Here is how to do it!
  1. When you received a call from your Apple Watch...
  2. Then cover the screen by placing your Palm over the Watch Face
  3. And the call will instantly be silenced on your Apple Watch and iPhone.

It's worth to note here that by doing this — it doesn't decline the phone call or send the caller to voicemail, it just mute the call so that the Apple Watch stops buzzing and alerting to it, like when you silence an incoming call on the iPhone by tapping on the power buttons.

This palm trick not only works for just silencing the call, but it can be also used to always turn off the watch display and reset the watch back to the face no matter which app or workout that you are in. Let us in the comment so we know how is this work for you.

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