How To Use The Touch Bar Feature On Any Mac For Free (Works With Third-Party Apps)

First introduced back in 2016 at Apple's October Event, the Touch Bar is the most popular feature of the new MacBook Pro 2016. It's at the top of your keyboard adapts to what you're doing and gives you intuitive shortcuts and app controls when you need them

What if you don't want to purchase a new MacBook Pro or use the feature on your iMac? There is an app called “Touche” that let experiences MacBook Pro's Touch Bar on any Mac. You can download it for free, the only requirement is that the Mac needs to running macOS Sierra with build 16B2657.
    1. After you have downloaded Touche app on your Mac, unzip the file. When you unzip the archive, you will get the Touche app.
    2. Now just simply double-click on the Touché app, and this will launch the Touch Bar simulator
    3. Touch Bar will appear on your screen, enjoy it.
    Yes, Touché supports most of Apple’s stock apps out of the box, such as Mail, Messages, and Safari. With Touché you can do just about everything like the Touch Bar on your 2016 or newer MacBook Pro devices. Touché will also work with third-party apps like Microsoft Word. 

    What do you think of the app?

    Image Via 9to5Mac

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