Survey Result Reveals That 72% of the Enterprise Employees Chose Mac Over PC, While 75% Prefer iOS Over Android Devices

Jamf's newly released "The Impact of Device Choice on the Employee Experience" survey result reveals that Apple is the most popular choice when enterprise organizations allowing employees to choose their own equipment. In this poll, 52% of enterprise organizations allow them to choose desktop, while the rest let them choose mobile devices.

Of those responses from 580 executives, managers, and IT professionals, 72 percent of respondents prefer using Mac over PC, When it comes to mobile devices, 75 percent of them chose an iPhone or an iPad, while just 25 percent picks on an Android device.

It is worth noting that the survey also tells us the ability to choose its own operating system and equipment makes the employees more productive. In which 68 percent said choice improves productivity, and 77% said they prefer to stay in companies that offer equipment options.

Yet only 25% of respondents want bring their own devices, and rather a company-issued device of their own choosing. The reason is simple enough: they want to separate their business and personal life." In the end, the choice is beneficial to employee morale and motivation. 

Image Via Gear Patrol

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