TSMC To Manufacture Apple's A12 Processor For 2018 iPhones, the First Mass-Produced Chip that Use 7mm Process

As reported by Digitimes, Apple supplier TSMC is going forward with better-than-projected revenues and profits in 2018, which would driven by production of new iPhone chips, despite it cut its full-year revenue growth target to 10 percent, and cause the stock shares decline around nine percent.

On the other hand, TSMC is set to manufacture the so-called A12 processor for all 2018 iPhones, The chip are expected to be made with the 7 nanometer process, compare to current A11 chip inside iPhone Xand iPhone 8 that is manufactured with a 10nm process.

The sources said that TSMC will see its revenue ratio for advanced 7nm process hit a high of 20 percent in 2018, and may therefore post better-than-projected revenues and profits for the second half of the year and register an annual revenue growth of over 10 percent.

For those unknown, smaller process dimensions tend to reduce costs while increasing density, which results in faster chips running at the same heat output. It is expected that A12 will become one of the first mass-produced 7-nanometer chips. 


Image Via AppleInsider

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