Apple Is Said To Develop A Touchscreen Mac That's ARM-Based And Runs iOS

According to a 9to5mac report, Apple is currently developing a brand-new device with the codename "Star" and the model number of N84. This will be the first Mac with an ARM processor, or the first iOS notebook.

Macs have been using Intel’s processors since 2006. However, Apple’s mobile devices have been using Apple’s own custom chips since 2010. But then the recent news did report that Apple plans to use its custom chips for the Mac in 2020.

For months, the site has been tracking the "Star" project. Currently, the project is in the prototype design stage, and product prototypes have been handed over to OEMs. A small number of prototypes have been sent to the Apple headquarters for testing, and the prototype has been in production since January of this year.

The report suggests that this will be a device with a touchscreen, SIM card slot, supports GPS, compass, waterproof, and EFI interface. EFI (Extensible Firmware Interface) is used by the Mac to boot systems. It’s believed that the "Star" project may become the first ARM-based Mac product.

This new device is currently classified as a new product lineup that will run the iOS operating system. The device can be used to distinguish between different iOS devices. Since ARM processors already support LTE and GPS, which means that the hybrid device may differ significantly from existing Intel-based Macs.

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