Apple Is Developing Ultrasonic In-Display Fingerprint Sensor For Higher Security And Ease of Use

Apple's latest high-end flagship smartphone, iPhone X, featured with 3D face recognition technology called Face ID, since it has been available on the market for six months, and the security and ease of use of it, some says that Apple should ditch the Touch ID completely. However, Apple itself does not seem to think so...

According to a report by Korean media Chosun, Apple is developing in-screen fingerprint reader that sets apart from other companies' sensor. Samsung, Apple, and Qualcomm are researching the "ultrasonic in-display fingerprint sensor", which is different from Chinese vendors Vivo, Huawei's optical in-screen fingerprint scanner.

To simply put, optical sensor reflected light to read the shape of a fingerprint and match it to the user's fingerprint to complete the recognition; ultrasonic, however, when the waves are emitted, so it catches small details of the skin. Therefore, in terms of security, because the ultrasonic scheme is three-dimensional, the security is higher, compared to the optical's flat surface.

Furthermore, when a user has oil stains and water stains on his hands, ultrasonic solutions can be properly identified, whereas the optical solutions would fail to work. So, in general, companies like Apple and Samsung are more willing to adopt a solution with high security and ease of use, even if it is more challenging.


Image Deccan Chronicle

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