iPhone X Remains The Best-Selling Smartphone In March 2018, Says Counterpoint Research

Apple’s iPhone X remained the best-selling smartphone in March and dominated the entire quarter as the world’s best-selling smartphone. The performance of the iPhone 8 Plus in March has improved to become the second best-selling model follows the iPhone X, as noted by Counterpoint Research.

Furthermore, the report states that iPhone X took a 3.5 percent share of the market - well ahead of all its Android rivals, whereas iPhone 8 with a 2.3 percent share. All these data, which again cancel any concern that Apple's flagship was a flop, after all, iPhone X was a hit to the market.

On the other hand, Chinese vendor Xiaomi's Redmi 5A became the best-selling Android phone in March and ranked third in the world's best-selling smartphone brands. Followed by Oppo's A83. Samsung's latest flagship, S9 and S9 Plus are ranked 5 and 6 respectively.

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