Mac App Store Likely To Embrace The iOS 11 App Store's Look And Feel In macOS 10.14

Apple brought a newly designed App Store to iOS 11 on WWDC last year, it provided the “Today” tap, which includes App Store staff recommended games and apps. This redesign has played a positive role in the app discovery, the downloads of many games and apps have increased significantly.

Now, according to the latest leak from John Gruber, Apple may plan to redesign the Mac App Store in macOS 10.14 and embrace the iOS 11 App Store style. He declared the new iOS11 App Store is very successful, Apple is likely to copy this routine in macOS.

Since its launch in 2011, the Mac App Store hasn't been valued by Apple and its developer community, and some developers have completely abandoned the Mac App Store platform. Sure, the problem in the Mac App Store is not that the app discovery is difficult, but rather the lack of features and user interest, could the redesign get the users' attention again?

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