New Patent Explains How Siri Could Provide The Reasons To Callers Why You Had To Reject Calls

A new Apple patent application shows that Siri one day could provide iPhone callers with reasons to why you had to reject the call. It could become a more enjoyable and useful experience for important callers or family members, to suggest why individuals cannot answer the phone.

Named “Intelligent Digital Assistant Denied Calls”, the patent application issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on Thursday pointed out that the current call interface is limited and can only provide basic options for answering or rejecting incoming calls.

So the solution is to let Apple's voice assistant collect information about the user and then automatically relay the details to the caller. For instance, Siri can alert the caller about the user's current location, whether the iPhone is in Do Not Disturb modes, tell the caller that user is at gym, or the user enjoying a movie as if he/she activated Theater Mode.

Combining all this data together, the digital assistant can create a message using that information. The generated message can be provided to the user to check that it is fine to send before it is dispatched to the caller. Moreover, the system could be used with CarPlay just in case you can't answer calls while driving.

Image By Applesutra

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