Report Suggested This Year’s WWDC To Focus On Software, With Hardware Coming Later

According to Bloomberg, who published a new article that says Apple’s forthcoming WWDC Keynote will be focus on its software platforms. The publication also expects that Apple won’t launches any new hardware...

First and foremost, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman claims that would introduce a series of Digital Health tools that's designed to help users monitor their app usages. A way to prevent the concerns about smartphobe addiction.

Furthermore, Gurman says that iOS 12 will enable users with more control over notifications, the introduction of "ARKit 2.0" that will allow consumers for a multiplayer mode in augmented reality games.

Bloomberg also suggested Apple could reveal its reported plans to allow iOS apps to run on Macs, though it's not entirely clear if they willing to do so. But one thing for sure is that Appe will announce bigger changes later on.

Hardware wise, Gurman touts that even though Apple is working on a refreshed MacBook & MacBook Pro with newer Intel chips, new iPad Pro, redesigned Apple Watch models, and a new low-cost MacBook. However, he doesn't expec those will be unveiled in the keynote.

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