Samsung Pokes Fun iPhone 6 Slow Performance In Its Latest Galaxy S9 Ad Campaign

Samsung has released a new ad encouraging iPhone users to upgrade to the Galaxy S9, in this ad, the Korean smartphone maker poke fun at the performance throttling issue, and continue to mock iPhone X's notch design.

Called "Moving On", the ad campaign shows a woman holds an iPhone 6, and he tries to check her tickets at an AirPort and watch a move on her phone, but instead, the white screen appears on iPhone 6, which suggest the device is lagging badly. The person next to her was able to doing these actions smoothly.

After increasingly frustrated at her iPhone, the woman asked an Apple Store staff if her slow iPhone can be fixed, but the employee advises her that she can turn off Apple's performance management, at the risk of unexpected shutdowns. Surely it make the woman feel helpless, so she decided to switching to Samsung Galaxy S9.

I personally think this is stupidest ad ever made by Samsung, they should be ashamed to compare a 4 year-old iPhone 6 to its latest flagship device. On top of that, the one-minute clip has also a lot of hole on it, even the iPhone model was being throttled; it shouldn't be that slow.

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