New 18W USB-C Charger That Ships With 2018 iPhones Will Not Sold Separately

A report from last month says that Apple will bundle the faster USB-C power adapter with its new iPhones for the first time this year. Now, Macotakara reports that the new charger will be shipped with the new iPhones, but it will not be sold separately initially.

The report explains that the 18W USB-C charger will appear in the box of the new iPhone this year, but supply shortages will emerge in the early days. As a result, it can initially be bundled with the new iPhones but will not be sold separately like charger, in other words, suppliers will only make enough chargers for inclusion with 2018 iPhones.

It is worth mentioning that the report also pointed out that third-party manufacturers may start using a new Lightning chip “C48B” from 2018, since Apple may add the technology to its MFi certification project by the end of 2018.

The charger looks thinner than the current 5W charger and is smaller than the 12W charger that comes with the iPad. Currently, the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X both support USB-C fast charging, but Apple still offers a standard USB-A charger. It's expected the new USB-C charger will provide a fast charging experience for the 2018 iPhone.

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