Apple Shares New iPhone X Ad, Highlights Powerful Performance Of A11 Chip

Apple today shared a fun new iPhone X ad, highlighting the powerful A11 Bionic chip built into the device. The company is calling the new ad ‘Unleash,’ since the iPhone X allows you to unleash a more powerful you because of the A11 Bionic chip.

In the video, an iPhone X owner walks down the street in Beijing, while he is playing the popular iOS game Vainglory, the characters in the game start coming to life and attacking him, causing him to fight them off in the real world as he supported by the A11 Bionic chip to continue competing on his iPhone X.

The A11 processor, introduced with the iPhone X, is a 10nm six-core 2.4GHz chip with two performance cores and four high-performance cores. It's powerfully suitable for console quality games and augmented reality apps. In the benchmarks, A11 is significantly quicker than the A10 included in the previous model for better gaming and high-grade performance.

Image Via 9to5Mac

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