Apple's Upcoming HomePod OS 12 Update May Adds Siti Multiple Timers, Ability To Make Phone Calls, And More To The Speaker

Apple released the beta version of HomePod firmware to its employees. The new software would be released with iOS 12 this fall, as the beta version of the HomePod firmware includes many new features, such as the ability to set multiple timers with Siri and make phone calls, they can also use the "Find My iPhone" command. (Via iGengeration)

The current HomePod cannot get the contact data in the user's iPhones, so it is not possible to make a call. However, users can make calls on the iPhone and transfer the audio output to HomePod. Similarly, when a call is received, the HomePod will not ring since your iPhone will pick up, and from there, transfer the audio to the HomePod.

In addition to making calls, HomePod can also listen to voice messages and search for call history. Like other Apple operating systems, HomePod OS 12 supports the "Find My iPhone" command, and you can ask Siri to locate your iPhone and ring the iPhone. The upcoming update will also introduce a feature that lets the HomePod connect to the same WiFi as a paired iPhone.

We'll learn more about HomePod in September or October when Apple issues iOS 12, as well as watchOS 5, tvOS 12, and macOS Mojave.

Image Via Macworld

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