Consumer Reports: New MacBook Pro Thermal Throttling Is Not An Issue, But Rather A Feature

Ever since Apple's new top-of-the-line 15-inch MacBook Pro has been proved to have CPU slowdown because of thermal throttling, it has been a hot topic lately, people are questioning over Apple's promised better speed gains. However, Consumer Reports stands up and speak for Apple, thinking that the MacBook Pro throttling is rather a self-protection feature, not an issue.

Richard Fisco, an electronics testing program leader at Consumer Reports., said, "Most processors have had this capability built in for years, I would rather have the system throttle and take a lot longer to do things than just let itself get fried.”

The advice given by CR is that if you have high-performance requirements, such as a mass of debugging programs or editing video, a better way is to choose a desktop, such as iMac Pro, or a high-end gaming laptop.

Intel, on other hands, also claims that it was ok for manufacturers to apply their own thermal throttling approaches, even if that resulted in wildly different performance from the same CPU. Furthermore, a Redditor suggests the slowdown can be fixed by power throttling of the voltage regulator module (VRM).

Image Via SlashGear

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