Apple Releases iOS 12 Beta 8 After Beta 7 Was Suffered From Performances Issues

Shortly after the users found out that when launching an app that will freeze on iOS 12 beta 7, it was temporarily removed by Apple. In less than 2 days,  the company has released iOS 12 beta 8 with fixed performances issue. Developers with beta profiles can download the update via OTA. We didn't expect the beta to bring any changes.

However, it appears that Apple has removed Group FaceTime in iOS 12 beta 7 and beta 8, a feature that let you to FaceTime up to 32 people at once. Apple says that the feature will be coming this fall. It's just like last year, the company has delayed several features, including Apple Pay Cash, Messages on iCloud, and AirPlay 2 in iOS 11.

As a significant update, iOS 12 is jet-packed with features: Group FaceTime, personalized emoji called Memoji and four new Animojis, new Siri Shortcuts that makes life less complicated with custom voice commands, Grouped Notifications, Screen Time that checks how much you spend on your phone, and adds limits, and so on.

Did the new beta fix your app freeze issues?

Image Via TechReview

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