Apple Said To Introduce New MacBook Air In October, While Its Notebook Shares Faces Decline

According to TrendForce, Apple may update its MacBook Air in September or October, but we expect that it will not be a particularly big update, just a simple speed bump, and Retina display design. Rumors suggested the new entry-level MacBook model cost around $999.

TrendForce also estimates that Apple accounted for 6.5 percent of notebook shipments worldwide in the second quarter, a considerable decline over its predicted 10 percent market share in the year-ago quarter. Furthermore, it also saw a decline where Apple shares dropped from 7.7% of share in 1Q 2018 compared to 6.5% in 2Q 2018.

The declines can be blamed to the outdated Mac machines, for instance, Apple hasn't updated both MacBook Air and Mac mini for over three years now. Worse, Mac Pro didn't receive an update since 2013, though Cupertino says that they plan to introduce a new generation of Mac Pro next year.

Hopefully, by the time when Apple refreshes several Macs, including Mac mini, iMac, and MacBook either in September or October, to rose the shares quickly. As for next month, Apple likely to announce new iPhones, Apple Watch Series 3, and perhaps iPad Pros.

Image Via Digital Trends

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