Apple Will Be Charged For $21.48 Of Licensing Fee When It Launches A 5G iPhone

Apple will surely build a 5G iPhone, as the 5G standard has been determined, and major carriers are also building 5G networks. The next step is how several patent holders will charge 5G licensing fees to smartphone makers such as Apple and Android smartphone manufacturers. However, a new report by VentureBeat, tells us how much it could charge for.

- Nokia has just announced that it will charge a $5.48 5G royalty for each device;
- Ericsson will charge a 5G patent fee of $2.5 to $5 based on the cost of the device;
- Qualcomm charges the highest: 3.25% of the 5G licensing fees will charge for each device, and $400 will be capped, equivalent to about $13 per iPhone;
- Huawei also owns 5G patents, but no fees have been announced. It is said that it may be comparable to Nokia and Ericsson.
- In this way, the price of a 5G iPhone will include a royalty of at least $21.48.

As smartphone sales continue to drop, if Apple does not want to see a decline in the iPhone business, it will need to make more and more profits on every iPhone. However, whether the company chooses Intel or others 5G moderns, the licensing fee must be paid, yes, this has nothing to do with hardware, it rather a cost when using the 5G standards.

Image Via The Denver Post

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