ARM Processors Or Eventually Come To Macs, Here Is Why

Today, ARM presented a new Laptop Computer-level R&D roadmap, the first thing to note is that ARM will boost performance by 15% every year. However, with the power consumption of only 5W, and the 7nm and 5nm process that will be adopted in 2020, Apple might consider a switch to ARM processors.

ARM's 7nm Deimos Core and the 5nm Herculues Core will catch up the processing power of the Intel i5 processor in 2019 and are expected to surpass the i5 processor by 2020. Still, don't get too exciting yet, you have to take grains of salt concerning manufacturer claims.

If this is true, follows ARM's current momentum, maybe ARM-powered Mac could actually come true. If ARM processor performance is massive improved, then Apple's A-series processors, which is relatively self-developed, will be so powerful, which means the computing performance of the iPhones and iPads will also benefit from it.

This will definitely be a beneficial thing for users who only work on iPhones and iPads, once developers created a cross-platform app, it should works on both an iPhone and a Mac. The move also provides a reliable schedule of annual upgrades of Macs, not like that Intel keep delaying its processors.

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