European Commission To Unconditionally Approve Apple To Buy Shazam

Reuters today quotes people familiar with the matter that the European Commission to unconditionally approve Apple to acquire the British music recognition service Shazam.

Apple announced in December that it would acquire Shazam, who had a music recognition app on Apple's App Store that quickly identifies the music that the surrounding area is playing. Cupertino did not announce the value of the deal, but informed sources said the compromise cost nearly $400 million.

Analysts say the deal will impact Spotify, a leader in music streaming services, so in April of this year, the European Commission worried that Apple will use Shazam's data to induce consumers to use their own music streaming service Apple Music.

The EU also said at the time that it would investigate before September 4 this year whether Apple could use Shazam to obtain commercially sensitive information from its competitors in an unfair manner. It appears that the European Commission no longer bother about related concerns.

Image Via TechCrunch

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