Investors Suggest Apple To Invest In Tesla That Will Benefit Both Companies

Ross Gerber, a Tesla investor, said that it is the best time for Apple to invest in Tesla. If Apple can acquire a 10% stake in Tesla, it will benefit both companies. Most of the problems Tesla owns are related to operations, which is exactly what Apple CEO Cook is best at. (Via CNBC)

Gerber acknowledges that the auto market will be a huge business opportunity for Apple in the future, but Cupertino's self-driving plan "Project Titan" has been unable to do so, and Tesla is a more reliable bet; if they reach an agreement, Tesla uses of Apple's iOS and App Store will open up a whole new path for Apple to sell services and apps to customers.

The investor pointed out that Tesla CEO Musk's problems every day are related to operations. This is why Apple's founder Steve Jobs recruited Cook. Cook is very suitable for this role; in the past, Apple and Tesla could not come together. Musk doesn't need Apple, but now obviously needs help.

Gerber said that Tesla relies on innovation to compensate for scale and operational flaws, and innovation is Apple's long-term goal; Apple's biggest worry is that it is far behind the innovation curve, and can't see where it will go in five years. He also believes that smartphones will no longer be mainstream devices after ten years.

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