More People Looking Forward To 2018 iPhones Rather Than Samsung's New Galaxy Note 9 Smartphones

Earlier this week, Samsung released its new Galaxy Note 9 flagship smartphones. Today, a survey from PC Mag indicates that consumers are looking forward to Apple's next-generation iPhone rather than the already-released Note 9.

In this survey, a total of 1555 consumers have participated that asks which smartphone they are most excited for. Interestingly, 42% of consumers choose iPhone 9, iPhone 11, iPhone XI and iPhone SE 2, which are all the next generation iPhones. Only 24% of consumers said they are looking forward to the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Around 7% of consumers are looking forward to Google's Pixel 3, whereas 4% of them looking forward to LG V40  4%, and 2% of users can't wait for OnePlus 6T to come out. Another 6% of buyers are interested in smartphones from other brands, and finally, the last 11% say they don't plan to purchase any smartphones.

Of the users who are looking ahead of 76% are Samsung users, and 8% are iPhone users. Although the figure is little, this means that some iPhone users are switching to the Samsung camp this year.

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