Motorola P30, The Most Shameful iPhone X Clone Yet?

Motorola P30, the latest smartphone by Motorola, which currently only available in the Chinese market, is the most shameful iPhone X clone Yet. At glance, you will notice that it's nearly identical to Apple's iPhone X, of course, we can still tell the differences between them, but you'll need to look pretty close, even Google Image search identified it as iPhone X.

After all, there are dozens of Android smartphones that tried to copy the iPhone X, like Xiao Mi 8. Still, its rear camera layout, the notch, the glass back, the aluminum frame, and even the wallpaper and clock are so comparable to the iPhone X.

At the same time, many tech reviewers thought Motorola P30 is a really disappointing smartphone. For instance, Alan Martin, a writer of Trusted Reviews, pointed out in his post that Motorola P30 is extremely disappointing. After all, Motorola has been one of the few companies that can innovate in the smartphone field.

In addition, US tech publication The Verge also said that the Motorola P30 looks like an iPhone X with Huawei paint jab. Even well-known tech Youtuber Marques Brownlee wrote on Twitter that Motorola P30 Pro is the most shameless tech product to date.

The screen size of the device is measured at 6.2 inches, comes with 6GB RAM and 128GB of storage space. P30 is featured with the Snapdragon 636 processor and integrated 3000mAh battery. For the dual camera system, there is a 16M and 5M--megapixel lens, the front camera adopts a 12-megapixel sensor. Currently, it's priced at $303 to $360.

Image Via PhoneDog

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