OWC Releases Thunderbolt 3 10G Ethernet Adapter, Supports MacBook Pros And iMac Models

Apple for the first time introduced 10Gbps Ethernet port in the iMac Pro. However, if you want to experience the massive speeds, we suggest you purchase the Thunderbolt 3 10G Ethernet Adapter by OWC, which allows users to connect their Mac products to 10 Gigabit networks.

The accessories not only let you connect to the 10G Base-T networks but also supports lower-speed 5G, 2.5G, Gigabit and 1000Base-T networks. One end of the device is an Ethernet port with an indicator light that changes color (from green to yellow) and a 19.6-inch long Thunderbolt 3 cable at the other end to power it and transmit data at the same time.

The box is measured at 4.5 inches long, 3.1 inches wide, 1.1 inches thick and weighs about 230 grams. It supports Macs running macOS 10.3.4 and later, as well as Windows computers running Windows 10 64-bit systems without the need to install drivers.

It worth to note here that the adapter comes at a cost, it’ll set you back $187.99. You can buy it at OWC’s own MacSales.com, however, it will not be shipping right way. Now you can enjoy faster internet speed without the need of buying iMac Pro.

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