Apple CEO Tim Cook Donated Nearly $5 Million Worth Of Apple Shares To An Unnamed Charity

According to the US Securities and Exchange Commission, Apple CEO Tim Cook donated 23,215 shares of Apple stock to an unnamed charity this week, valued at about $5 million, based on Tuesday's closing price, which was at $215.04, so the exact market value of these stocks is $4.992154 million. (Via Business Insider)

Although it is not clear about the specific purpose of this donation, corporate executives are obliged to disclose their shareholding trends, but they do not have to disclose charitable organization. Cook has made similar contributions before, in 2015, his 50,000 shares of Apple were donated to an unnamed organization.

Cook often donates money to charities. In 2014, he donated to “Project One America” of the US Human Rights Movement, focusing on defending the rights of sexual minorities in the southern United States. In the same year, he also donated $291,791 to the Steel Valley campus in Pennsylvania to buy iPads for teachers and students.

Despite being at an extraordinary position and earn such high salaries, Cook is relative lives in a simple life compared to other technology company executives, and he does not spend much of money on luxury homes, yachts and planes. Apple forced Cook to use private jets for safety reasons in 2017.

Image Via Yahoo Finance

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