Wondering What Apple's Data Centers Look Like? Check These Photos From The Arizona Republic

For security reasons, Apple rarely shows its own data center. But this time it was an exception, the local media, The Arizona Republic, visited Apple's data center in Mesa, Arizona, and took quite a bit of internal photos. Let's go and have a look.

In case you don't know about the data center, the Arizona facility is being called global data command" center, which means it stores data from apps and services that include iMessage, Siri, as well as iCloud. The site, however, hired 150 employees working for 10 hours to oversee Apple's operations data.

The facility is not recognizable as Apple's from the outside, surrounded by thick, dark walls draped in vines. A guard patrols the entrance to the parking lot.

Server halls contain dozens and dozens of rows of large, humming electronics. Booming fans sit above the servers in an effort to cool the technology.

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