New Report Explains Why AirPower Still Delaying, And Believes It May Be "Doomed To Failure"

Indeed, It has been more than a year since Apple previewed its AirPower wireless charging mat, and so far this highly-anticipated iPhone accessory is still not listed on the market. Many people can't help but ask what happened to AirPower and whether it can be released. Sonny Dickson brings some insiders about the long-awaited product.

The report states that many people who are said to be engaged in the research and development of the project in Apple feel that the project is doomed to failure, unless it makes significant progress, otherwise it will not work and may just not release after all. The articles summarize several engineering issues for the delay.

Firstly, AirPower still faces overheating problems that would lead to a significant performance degradation. If the battery is overheated during charging, it will affect the battery capacity of the device. It also affects the performance of Apple's self-developed custom charging chip that built-in iOS devices.

Secondly, Apple engineers encountered hardware and software problems when testing AirPower's communication with the devices on it, especially the charging data that the Apple Watch and AirPods sent to the iPhone, which was used to monitor the charge level.

Since AirPower is composed of 21 ~ 24 different size charging coils, which can charge three Apple devices at same time, which is very difficult to implement, because the coil generates a large amount of interference, which reduces the charging efficiency, and also causes heating problems. Plus, its compact size makes it also an extremely complex technical challenge.

All in all, the fate of the product is still uncertain, Apple may be ditching it, it may be further postponed, or the design may be re-engineered, so we assume the first look may be different from what we have seen before. Apple could announce the AirPower either next month or via press release.

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