Apple Will Soon Allow iPhone XS And XS Max Users To Use Depth Control While Taking A Photo

Apple brings major camera upgrades to the iPhone XS models this year with features like Smart HDR and depth control, so users can adjust the background blur of the photos after the photos are taken. However, according to a Macerkopf report, Apple intends to extend this feature to the photo taking stage, meaning use depth control while taking a photo.

Apple is currently testing this feature with the iOS 12.1 beta 1, so beta users will see the depth control slider at the bottom of the interface when taking a photo. As for which version of the update will bring this feature to users, Apple only says a future iOS 12.x update will include it, I believes it will exclusive to iPhone XS and XS Max consumers.

As Apple has told us in the conversation, this type of depth control will be possible in the future directly when taking pictures. A future iOS update brings the slider directly into the camera app, so you can regulate the depth of field directly when shooting the portrait.

When you take a photo while using the depth control, it will definitely increase the playability. Are you plan to use the feature? Let us know in the comment below.

Image Via Digital Trends

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