Apple Worries Proposed $200 Billion Tariffs Would Affect Its Products, But Trump Calls Them To Make Products In The U.S.

In a letter sent to Trump administration, Apple says the proposed $200 billion tariffs on Chinese goods would affect its wide range of products and rather to find "other, more effective" solutions instead. And now, Trump responds in a tweet suggests Apple build products in the United States to avoid this sort of concerns.

The affected products include Apple Watch, AirPods, HomePod, Beats headphones, AirPort wireless routers, Apple Pencil, Magic Mouse, Magic Keyboard, MacBooks, Mac mini, cables, charger, and adapters. The company worries the tariffs would lead to more expensive Apple products for customers, which could also lower U.S. economic growth.

Trump, on the other hand, arguing that if Apple willing to build its products in the United States, there will be no tariffs or tax concerns whatsoever. The president urging Apple to build new plants here in the US, and can't wait to hear any new efforts.

Apple prices may increase because of the massive Tariffs we may be imposing on China – but there is an easy solution where there would be ZERO tax, and indeed a tax incentive. Make your products in the United States instead of China. Start building new plants now. Exciting!

However, the problem is that even let Apple produce products in the U.S., the price will also go higher because of the average pay here is much higher than Chinese Foxconn workers' $3.34. Either Apple needs to find other places than China or pursuing Trump to cancel the tariff attack.

Image Via CNET

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