Apple Watch Series 4 Fall Detection By Default Limited 65+ Users, Other Users Can Enable It Manually

Apple Watch Series 4 comes with a fall detection feature that automatically alerts users, and will sent an emergency call or message when the user didn't stand up in one minute. However, according to a Reddit user found in the Apple Support page, this feature is turned off by default, and users need to manually turn it on unless the user is older than 65, at least.

If the user is under the age of 65 but wants to use the fall detection feature, they'll need to manually turn it on in the Emergency SOS section of the Apple Watch app. From several test results, apparently, if the user falls on a soft surface like a carpet, it will not trigger an alarm, the fall on the hard ground, then we expect to have notifications come in.

When the Apple Watch Series 4 detects a "severe fall" after the fall detection feature is activated, it will vibrate and sent an alarm and display the warning. The user can select either "I fell but I'm OK," "I did not fall," or "Emergency SOS".. If a user has not moved for a while, it'll start a 15-second countdown, then to call the emergency contact.

It's worth to take a note that Apple mentioned in its support document that Apple Watch Series 4 is not able to detect all fall events, and may incorrect defect falls. So Apple turn off this feature by default, if users feel it needs, please remember to enable it manually.

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