Apple's First Driverless Car Accident: Got Rear-Ended By A Nissan Car

Apple’s self-driving test vehicle had a rear-end collision during the road test. Fortunately, no casualties were caused, reports California Vehicle Authority (Via MacRumors). It indicates that the Apple's self-driving car was rear-ended by a Nissan Leaf when it entered the Lawrence Highway in the Bay Area.

Furthermore,  it states that Apple's vehicle was driving at less than 1 mph, while the Nissan car was at the speed of was 15 mph. The Lawrence Expressway is a multi-lane highway in the Silicon Valley from south to north, which is very congested, so it requires decent driving skills.

Apple has formed a fleet of driverless test vehicles in California. As the tests increase, which obviously means the chances of accidents rises. Even if the self-driving technology is solid, no one can guarantee that it will not be hit by other vehicles.

It seems lately that Apple's efforts on self-driving Project Titan have increased. For instance, Apple has hired at least 46 staff from Tesla in eight months, including Doug Field, former vice president of hardware for Mac. It's believed that Apple would launch its own self-driving car or software in 2022 at earliest.

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