eSIM Feature Now Available On iOS 12.1 Beta, Now Just Need Carrier's Support To Activate It

In the newly released iOS 12.1 beta 1, Apple rolled out the eSIM feature for iPhone XS and XS Max. eSIM, aka electronic SIM card, which can bring Dual-SIM functionality support for iPhones. Apple mentions in its Support Page that iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max can activate the so-called Dual-SIM via a physical nano-SIM card and an eSIM.

With eSIM, which allows you to eliminate the need for a physical nano-SIM Cards, you can have two phone numbers provided by the carrier. There are many ways to use the dual-SIM, such as one for the work phone and the other for the personal phone; when leaving the country, add a local Data package; voicemails, using data, by employing different numbers.

Even your iPhone has a Dual-SIM feature, but you can only use one cellular data network at a time. In other words, if a number is on a call, a call to the other number will directly go to voicemail. However, you must activate both networks, and the Control Center will then show two cellular signals.

By the time when Apple released iOS 12.1, all iPhone XS and XS Max users are able to take the advantages of the Dual-SIM by going to Settings - Cellular - Add Cellular Plan, from there, enter the pieces of information and enjoying the convenience of having two phone numbers.

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