How To Invoke The App Switcher With Just A Tap On Your iPhone

Sure enough, most users are using App Switcher every day: some time for multitasking, sometimes for the purpose of quitting certain app so your iOS device saves more battery but also enables it to run smoother. However, I personally don’t like to click the Home key twice and for iPhone X and XS owners, who need to swipe up and pause and then use the App Switcher, which is a pretty complicated process. Luckily, there is an easy to do it, here is how!

  1. Go to your Home screen then click on the Settings app
  2. Tap on General -> Accessibility -> AssistiveTouch -> Customize Top Level Menu
  3. Delete all the icons you have, whatever the last icon is, just click on it, you will see many operations such as Home, Nonfiction, etc. Tap on the App Switcher
  4. Back to the AssistiveTouch section, make sure it’s Switched on
  5. You can also reduce the viability of the AssistiveTouch by press on the Idle Viability.
  6. Now whenever you click on the AssistiveTouch, it will take you directly to the App Switcher
And that’s it! Now it’s the time to say goodbye to the Home button. You probably know that you can also customize the top level menu like Restart your iPhone with a click or screenshot the display with a click. Hopefully, this will help your life become less stressful.

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