Within 24 Hours After It Released, iOS 12 Has Successfully Jailbroken By Pandora Security Lab

Apple has officially released the latest iOS 12, and, within 24hrs, Alibaba's Secure Pandora security experts has jailbroken the latest software for iPhone and iPad. With the constant iteration of Apple's security efforts, the possibility of jailbreak iOS devices is considered to be an "impossible task." Jay Freeman of Cydia, once said, "the iOS jailbreak is basically dead."

But this miracle has been renewed by the Ali Pandora Lab, the world's first research team to complete the untethered jailbreak of iOS 12. Mu Li, head of Ali Pandora Labs, said that the research on iOS jailbreak is to remind manufacturers to pay attention to strengthen and enhance the security of the system, and ultimately to protect the users' privacy.

The senior security experts of the Pandora Lab said that though the new version of iOS released each year will fix a large number of vulnerabilities and add new protect mechanisms, it does not completely solve the hacking problem. For example, he said that in iOS12, there are still bugs in the signature verification and root directory reading and writing.

Once these jailbreak exploits are seized by hackers, the consequences are unimaginable. Hackers can embed jailbreak code in the app, so when a user downloads the app and enables it, the user device will be quietly jailbroken, and the system root will be controlled by them, so that account passwords and other information will be seen by hackers.

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