Mixed Results: Big Boost In Networking Performance For iPhone XS, As Some Users Report Connectivity Issues

iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max have been on the market for a few days, and some users are beginning to reflect that the poor connection performance of Wi-Fi and cellular networks on these devices. However, some tested iPhone XS and XS Max, and found that it's actually performing well in terms of networking performance

Complains about poor networking mainly come from Apple Support Communities, Reddit forum, etc. Users report that they are experiencing connectivity problems with Wi-Fi and LTE on the two new iPhones. The issues are not limited to a certain operator or a certain region, and some people speculate that this may be a software flaw in iOS 12.

Of course, there may be few hardware defects in some models, but it's still too early to draw conclusions. After all, there are not many affected users (At least from current situations). The new iPhone should have a big boost since Apple added an antenna at the bottom of the smartphone to increase the wireless speeds and connectivity.

Nevertheless, a Macworld report tells a different story, they tested both iPhone XS and XS Max networking performance, and results show that Wi-Fi download speed only a little faster, but upload speed is improved over 45 percent. For instance, iPhone X T-Mobile received a download speed of 18.34 Mbps and an upload speed of 1.28, whereas iPhone XS T-Mobile gets 23.15 Mbps in download speed and 3.60 Mbps in upload speed.

What results you will see depends on where you are. Users should get better connectivity in any situation. If your region can support new technologies and frequencies, you will see a huge increase in cellular and WiFi speed for iPhone XS.

Image Via iMore

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