iPhone XS Proved To Be Featured With Most Durable Smartphone Glass Ever In The World

iPhone XS and XS Max have arrived in the hands of users, so some of the users wondering that this year's whether is durable or not since Apple promoted the iPhone XS and XS Max with the durable smartphone glass in the world. However, YouTuber Techsmartt did a drop test just for that, and compare the durability to the iPhone X last year.

Tested from the pocket, head height, and 10-foot drop, during the pocket height drop test, the iPhone X, iPhone XS, and XS Max were not much damaged at all. When he drop these devices at head height, the iPhone X's screen cracked, while the iPhone XS has almost no damage, but the XS Max gets a scuff along the top, still, it's pretty durable.

Finally, the 10-foot drop test, which shows the iPhone XS come out with no cracks whatsoever, but the iPhone XS Max's screen is fragmented and becomes unusable. Well, that sums the concerns users have - if you drop iPhone XS couple times, it's not a big deal, yet, I would suggest you buy a case for X Max, just because it is big and easily slips from your hand.


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