iPhone XS Surpassed Most Desktop-Level Processors In Brower Benchmark With A Score Of 125

Speedometer, a tool for testing the JS computing performance, can be used to determine the processing performance of the browser. Of course, the performance is directly related to the CPU and GPU. According to MacX, who have tested the browser benchmark of iPhone XS and was shocked after they saw the results, and thought it was a bug...

As you can be seen above. the iPhone XS scores up to 125 points (range 122-125), in which the powerful JS processing performance even beats the latest Intel i7 6-core processor. Also, the score is 50% higher than last year's iPhone X's 83 points. I don't know whether this is a major change brought by the 7nm processing technology.

Compared to XS, although XS Max only totaled 107 points. However, the result definitely surpassed most of the PC processors, if not all. If you don't believe it, you can open the device in your hand and performing the test. For those unknown, JS stands for JavaScript and is one of High-level programming language.

Now just think if Apple puts A12 on Macs, it will benefit many high-end users as the result seems to be the first industrial class level. Do you think this will be a great idea or not? share your thought with us in the comment section below.

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