iPhone XS Front-Facing Camera Auto Apply Skin Smoothing? Apple Is Fixing It

Compared to last year's iPhone X, the two biggest improvements to this year's iPhone XS and XS Max are the new A12 Bionic Chip and the camera system. However, some users posted on the social media that the front camera of the iPhone XS and XS Max has an auto beauty function - apply unwanted skin smoothing and cannot be turned off.

According users, the iPhone XS' front camera have made big change in skin smoothing, some calls it the "beautygate." In fact, Lewis Hilsenteger, who runs Unbox Therapy YouTube channel even made a video about it. Fortunately, user Abdul Dremali reach out Apple, which they said it already knows this issue and is doing its best to fix it.

As for a reason, assuming is likely related to the Intelligent photo processing in A12 chip as a major selling point. It joins a custom image signal processor with the A12 chip's Neural Engine to enhance photos both before and after it was taking. Anyway, the issue would be easily solved with a software update, which Apple may release in the sooner future.


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