Some Users Reports That Their iPhone Refuse To Charge When The Screen Is Turned Off

Some users said that their iPhone XS and XS Max could not be charged properly after the screen turns off. When you want to charge, you must turn on the screen and restart plug in the Lightning cable. This could be an issue related to the software rather than the hardware, as many users reported this also happens on older devices.

Unbox Therapy tested eight iPhone XS and found that most iPhones were unable to charge with the screen is off. Under normal circumstances, following the iPhone is plugged in, the screen will wake up and start normal charging like what it suppose to do. In the case, the iPhone stops responding entirely at when Lignthing cable plugged in and is screen off.

Despite some users suspected the issue related to USB Restricted Mode, with the goal that is designed to prevent people from unlocking iOS devices communicating with USB accessories through the Lightning connector that one hour has passed since the owner unlocked it. However, Unbox Therapy believes this is not related to the USB feature.

We should expect Apple to release an update that hopefully fixes the issue. In the meantime, there is no workaround for this particular problem. Apple hasn't yet responded on the matter, and if they do, we'll update the post as soon as possible.

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