Tech 3: Google Turns 20 With Chrome Redesign, Amazon Now Wort $ 1 Trillion, Samsung Announce Foldable Phone This Year

Google Turns 20: Google, the biggest search engine in the world now turns 20 years old, the company was founded on September 4th, 1998 by Larry Page‎; ‎Sergey Brin. To celebrate this, Google launched its popular browser Chrome with a refreshed design, rounded tabs, a new color palette, and new icons, address bar combined with the search bar, and more!

Amazon now worth $1 Trillion: Believe or not, Amazon, the largest online retailer now has a market cap of $1 trillion, it's officially the second trillion dollar publicly traded company in the world, joins the trillion dollar club, as Apple has already surpassed that milestone since early of August.

Samsung to announce foldable phone this year: Samsung Mobile CEO DJ Koh announces that they plan to release a foldable smartphone this year, it would be called Galaxy X, since it will feature its own branding. The device is said to like a small tablet, but you can fold it and fit your pocket. The Korean- based tech giant aims to beat Apple in the development of foldable phones (Via CNBC).

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