Apple Unveils New Beats Studio3 Wireless Headphone "Skyline" Collection For $349

Apple has added Beats' new Studio 3 Wireless "Skyline" collection on, with the price starts at $349, though there is no stocks at local Apple stores, it should be arriving very soon. The new wireless headphone is available in Crystal Blue, Desert Sand, Midnight Black, as well as Shadow Grey, with Gold logo on the back.

The Skyline Studio 3 headphones should works on iPhones, Macs, and Apple Watches, as well as other non-Apple devices, it also boasting up to 40 hour battery life thanks to custom W1 chip that also enables automatic pairing Apple devices. Furthermore, the Fast Fuel quick charging via Micro-USB will give you three hours of music playback with a 10-minute charge.

The collection also includes a technology called Pure Adaptive Noise Cancelling, which uses advanced algorithms to continuously monitor your listening environment, so that it can best block out ambient noise, not only on an airplane, but also in a noisy café or a busy office. However, the trade-off is that its battery life will decrease to only 22 hours.

The Overall design looks much like the previous generation of models, such as last year's normal Studio 3 Wireless over-ear headphones. Like AirPods, Studio 3 user not only can answer phone calls, but also control music, activate Siri with multifunction on-ear controls.

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