Apple Launched New USB-C Magnetic Charger For Apple Watch, W/ Length Measured At 0.3m

In addition to have opened pre-order window for iPhone XR buyers, Apple also launched a new accessory for Apple Watch users, a 0.3-meter Apple Watch USB-C Magnetic Charger, which means that just by placing the charger close to the back of the case, the magnets in it will automatically snap the connector into place.

This cable is only 0.3 meters and Apple does not offer a longer 1 meter or 2-meter lengths. It's not clear why Apple is launching such a short cable at this moment, there is still a chance that longer cable style may be introduced in the future. The USB-C charger will replace the USB-A version that was available for quite a while.

The accessory will ship out in one business day and will be available in Apple retail stores starting next week. You can purchase it at the price of $29 in the US. Even though this year's iPhones still not switch to the USB-C port, the introduction of USB-C Magnetic Charger will be a strong evidence that the new iPads to have USB-C port instead of Lightning port.


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