Apple To Fix 'BeautyGate' Issue On iOS 12.1, As They Stopped Signing iOS 12.0

Both the front camera and rear wide-angle lens of the iPhone XR and iPhone XS series are basically the same, which means that the iPhone XR will also have the beautygate issues. However, a report by The Verge, Apple is adjusting the algorithm for Smart HDR in iOS 12.1 to solve the problem while retaining more details.

Last month, shortly after the iPhone XS was released, many users found that the portrait photos taken by the iPhone XS front camera were automatically skin smoothing. Though Apple has not announced the details of how to solve the problem of automatic beauty, the problem appears to be caused by the Smart HDR feature, first introduced last month.

The Verge says that the Smart HDR chose the wrong base frame when processing during self-timer. It sometimes chooses frames with longer shutter speeds instead of selecting frames with shorter shutter speeds to freeze motion and preserve detail. Since the front camera also does not have an optical image stabilization function, so taking pictures at the same shutter speed as the rear camera will result in loss of detail that looks like smoothing on the front camera.

We expect Apple to release iOS 12.1 early of November, if not next week. At the same time, they also stopped signing iOS 12, meaning you can't downgrade to iOS 12 by all means. As for why Apple has doing this for so long, it's a solution that prevent users from jailbreaking.

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