iOS 12 Now Powers 46% Of Devices, Overtakes iOS 11 Adoption Rate

Two weeks ago, Apple released the latest update of its mobile operating system, iOS 12 that promised to bring performance improvements. Though users faced couple bugs, however, the adoption rate does seem like better than last year's iOS 11. After two weeks the update was released to users, it's installed on 46.5% of devices, according to Mixpanel.

Mixpanel says that iOS 12 pre-successor, iOS 11, which has an adoption rate of 38 percent on devices two weeks after its launch, Back in 2016, iOS 10 was installed on 48.15 percent of devices within two weeks. Overall, iOS 12 have an adoption rate of 46.49%, whereas iOS 11 now powers only 46.42% of the devices, iOS 12 successfully overtook iOS 11 adoption rate.

Without a doubt, more and more people will be updating to iOS 12, as Apple said on WWDC 2018 that iOS 12 will bring significant speed improvements, especially on older devices like iPhone 5s or iPhone 6. For instance, swipe for the camera and bring up keyboard are 2 times faster, and share sheet could invoke instantly.

There are couple bugs in the iOS 12.1, but most of them will be addressed when iOS 12.1 released to public users because of the update is still in beta testing. Asides from that, iOS 12 brings popular features like Group Facetime, Digital Health tool called Screen Time, animated emoji called Memoji, Siri Shortcuts for creating custom voice commands, etc.

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